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Dr. Jonathon Day

West Lafayette, USA

From 1 hour introduction to 5 day courses on sustainable tourism; half and full day seminars.

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Dr. Jonathon Day, an Associate Professor in Purdue’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, is committed to ensuring tourism is a force for good in the world. In addition to over 25 academic articles and chapters, he is the author of “Introduction to Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel” and co-author of “The Tourism System 8th Edition”.

Dr. Day’s research interests focus on sustainable tourism, responsible travel, and strategic destination governance within the tourism system. He is interested in the role of business in solving grand challenges through corporate social responsibility programs and social entrepreneurship.

  • Responsible Travel – The Power of Individual Travelers
  • Sustainable Tourism Destinations
  • Tourism Changemakers – the power of social entrepreneurs

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