PRÁTTO Consulting d.o.o.

PRÁTTO Consulting d.o.o.

PRÁTTO Consulting d.o.o. in Montenegro: specialists in destination management, accountability, cooperation & communication, community- and nature-based development, wildlife conservation, adventure travel, smart solutions and digitalization.

Willy Legrand Speaker Profile

Willy Legrand speaker profile

Professor Dr Willy Legrand offers keynotes, workshops and seminars on sustainable hospitality – challenges and trends, innovation in the hotel sector, climate change adaptation in hospitality, communication and reputation management.

Kirsi Hyvaerinen Speaker Profile

Kirsi Hyvaerinen

Kirsi Hyvaerinen offers keynotes and workshops on destination management, sustainable development strategies and funding, green destinations, SME, trends in tourism, marketing and ecotourism. Based in Montenegro, Europe.