Ronnie Carrington on Capturing the Beauty of Barbados to Promote Responsible Travel

Published 14/04/2023
Barbados Photographer Ronnie Carrington on responsible travel

Barbados Photographer Ronnie Carrington on responsible travel

How can photography and videography be used to promote sustainable tourism in a stunning destination like Barbados?

Meet Ronnie Carrington, a talented photographer and videographer who showcases the natural environment, local culture, and community of Barbados in his work. In this interview Ronnie talks about how he incorporates sustainability practices into his photography and video productions while still capturing the breathtaking beauty of the island. He also shares his thoughts on the evolution of the tourism industry in Barbados and the necessary steps towards a more sustainable future.

Get ready to be inspired as Ronnie sheds light on his collaborations with local organizations and businesses to promote sustainable tourism and his views on the role of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. in sustainable tourism development.

Our interview with Ronnie is part of our showcase series on Destination Barbados, where we highlight some of the sustainable tourism changemakers and initiatives of this beautiful island nation in the Caribbean.

Ronnie, how does your photography work contribute to promoting sustainable tourism in Barbados, and what specific sustainability practices do you incorporate into your work?

As I seek to capture Barbados’ natural environment, in my photographic work and video productions, I try to highlight the importance of preserving the environment and showcase local culture and community.

I use eco-friendly equipment where possible and minimize waste during photo shoots. I also work with entities that prioritize sustainability, and that have implemented eco-friendly initiatives.

How do you balance capturing the natural beauty of Barbados through your photography while ensuring that your work does not harm the environment or wildlife?

Sustainability practices is essential in my photography work. I ensure that my photo shoots do not cause any harm to the environment or wildlife by following best practices for responsible tourism. This includes using non-invasive photography techniques and working with local conservation organizations to promote eco-friendly practices.

I also try to use my photography to raise awareness about environmental issues and the need for sustainable tourism.

How have you seen the tourism industry in Barbados evolve over the years in terms of sustainability practices, and what do you think is necessary for the industry to continue moving towards a more sustainable future?

I have seen the tourism industry in Barbados make significant strides in sustainability practices over the years. Many hotels and tour operators are implementing eco-friendly initiatives, such as reducing plastic waste and energy consumption. However, there is still more work to be done. I believe that the industry needs to continue investing in sustainable practices, such as renewable energy and responsible tourism, to ensure that Barbados remains a beautiful and thriving destination for years to come.

I think it’s also crucial to educate tourists about sustainable tourism practices and the importance of protecting the environment, both during their visit and after they leave.

As a photographer, how do you aim to educate and inspire tourists to engage in sustainable tourism practices while visiting Barbados?

As the coordinator and host of the Barbados PhotoAdventure for cruise visitors, I have put together an outing that has low impact on the environment and one that falls under the “Slow Tourism” label.

It is an immersive adventure that incorporates local villages, local produce and local refreshment. One of our requests to our refreshment provider is that our drinks be served in non-disposable utensils. This is a practice they have now extended to all customers.

Another aspect linked to sustainability is introducing our guest to approved providers of local fruit along the way, thereby allowing community residents to benefit directly from visitor spend.

As a tour host, I believe that I have a responsibility to educate and inspire visitors to engage in sustainable tourism practices while visiting the island. This will hopefully show visitors how they can make a positive impact on an industry that is so important to Barbados.

By highlighting the importance of responsible tourism and showing visitors how they can make a positive impact, I hope to inspire them to engage in sustainable practices during their visit to Barbados.

Barbados Photo Tour Ecotourism Experience
On a Barbados Photo Tour Ecotourism Experience with Ronnie Carrington

How do you collaborate with other businesses and organizations in Barbados to promote sustainable tourism and contribute to the island’s overall sustainability goals?

Collaboration with other businesses and organizations is critical to promoting sustainable tourism and contributing to the island’s overall sustainability goals. I work with local conservation organizations and tour operators to implement eco-friendly initiatives and promote responsible tourism practices.

I am also involved in various community initiatives, such as beach cleanups and tree planting, that promote sustainability and benefit the local community.

By working towards a common goal, we can create a more sustainable future for Barbados, ensuring that the island remains a beautiful and thriving destination for years to come.

What role does the organization Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. play with regard to sustainable tourism development and which successes has it recently achieved?

Barbados Tourism Marketing (BTMI) plays a crucial role, working to promote Barbados as a destination that values sustainability, by highlighting the island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Dr. Jens Thraenhart and his team have also been actively working with local businesses and organizations to encourage sustainable tourism practices, such as reducing plastic waste, conserving energy, and protecting the environment.

One of the BTMI’s recent achievements is the implementation of the Green Globe certification program, which recognizes tourism businesses that meet sustainable tourism standards. This program has helped to encourage more businesses to adopt sustainable practices and has raised awareness about the importance of responsible tourism in Barbados.

The BTMI has also launched various campaigns and initiatives to promote sustainable tourism, such as the “Year of Wellness and Soft Adventure” campaign, which encourages visitors to engage in eco-friendly activities and support local businesses that prioritize sustainability.

Overall, I believe that the BTMI is a valuable partner in promoting sustainable tourism in Barbados, and their efforts have helped to position the island as a leading destination for responsible and eco-friendly tourism.

Thank you, Ronnie.

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