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How can we make sure our communities are welcoming, our visitor economies resilient and our destinations sustainable?

This Sustainable Tourism Knowledge Hub seeks to provide some answers to this crucial question, by sharing insights into the art of sustainability as practiced by leaders and changemakers in tourism. It offers you a unique glimpse behind the scenes of sustainable tourism as it is – or should be – practiced around the world. The insights presented here are a summary, or perhaps better, a snapshot, of state-of-the-art thinking on the topic.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism is about supporting the local economy, offering community-based travel experiences where travellers can participate and learn, reducing carbon footprint and plastic use, protecting and conserving nature and wildlife, while still making a financial profit. Sounds complicated and challenging? Well, it certainly is.

Especially because tourism is not a single entity but a network of various establishments, each with its purpose. All stakeholders have a vested interest in the outcome yet are needed to ensure the long-term success of tourism.

And one thing has to be clear: tourism will never be entirely sustainable. Even the occasions where it gets close to this goal are rare. When looked at globally, sustainable tourism is something of an oxymoron, in the sense that any tourism involving international flight travel is likely to be contributing more CO2 than it can return, however green a holiday is.

Rather than chasing after sustainability as something you could achieve in full, it makes more sense to understand it as an ongoing journey – and an attitude towards why and how we develop and manage tourism with all its components. Sustainable tourism is a dynamic balance that must be constantly maintained through the interaction of all the actors involved.

Sustainable Tourism...

  • Protects the natural environment
  • Is all about the locals
  • Uses resources efficiently
  • Contributes to the SDGs
  • Is profitable

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Success Strategies

No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to implementing sustainability in tourism. Here a few links to resources to help you get started:

Below some sustainable tourism examples – how they do it.

You’d like the bigger picture? Explore our World Map!

Sustainability Challenges

It is difficult to pin down the exact challenges preventing tourism from being more sustainable, as many things could be conflicting, depending on the business or destination. Only very occasionally tourism operations are downright irresponsible. More often there is a combination of conflicting priorities (such as between service standards and sustainability criteria), business models (e.g., properties that are managed by one organization and owned by another), and misleading incentives (rewarding consumption rather than conservation).

Let’s take a closer look at the challenges and pitfalls, as identified by our panel:

Sustainable Tourism Trends

One thing is clear: tourism is in a stage of transformation, and a lot of changes are going to sweep through the industry in the coming years. In the future, when we look back at the evolution of this industry, the complete halt in travel and hospitality caused by the pandemic will be a good case study on how to prepare for unforeseen shocks. So, what trends to keep an eye on, what avenues to invest time and energy in, and what to opt-out of?

This is a question which we ask our panel every year. Below a few links to resources on the topic of trends and priorities:


Sustainable Tourism Networking

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about sustainable tourism, then that sustainability is a team effort, much easier to achieve for those who can benefit from exchange of ideas and advice. While our interviews are packed with tips and examples to follow, sometimes it’s good to connect directly with fellow tourism professionals, to hear their story first hand. But which groups and networks dedicated to sustainability (online and offline) should tourism practitioners follow?

Our panel suggests:

  • On Facebook, the Responsible Tourism Networking group is the most popular.
  • Ecotourism practitioners should join and follow the Global Ecotourism Network and its regional chapters.
  • The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is considered a valuable network to engage with.
  • Destination practitioners should keep an eye on Green Destinations.

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