Sustainable Hotel Examples

Good sustainable hotel examples and case studies aren’t easy to find. Here’s how hotels around the world have successfully implemented sustainability strategies in their operations. Hotel managers and property owners offer behind-the-scenes access to their accommodation. Learn from their experience of sustainability challenges, successes and innovative solutions.

Getting started with sustainability can be difficult. Keeping momentum is no easy task either. Our examples of sustainable hotels help you detect potential pitfalls and to avoid them. So your hotel can benefit from the many advantages which true commitment to sustainability bring.
Sustainable hotel benefits
Despite the initial cost, there are many benefits which make it worth to dedicate time and resources to sustainability improvements. Some of those benefits are enhanced reputation, acknowledgement, more productive and more loyal staff. Not to mention efficiency gains and money saved. In short: competitive advantage.
Sustainability challenges
Of course, not every hotel faces the same sustainability challenges, nor are the opportunities linked to sustainable business practices equally available. In general, implementing sustainability through innovation and technologies is easier with new buildings that are designed from scratch. Older, existing buildings need some extra care. Our sustainable hotel examples and case studies include both scenarios.