Werfenweng soft mobility destination

Werfenweng, as destination is well known among tourism and sustainability professionals, having won multiple awards for its “soft mobility” concept. In October 2018 we had the opportunity to get to know the small village (1000 inhabitants) near Salzburg in Austria, and to experience its approach to climate-friendly tourism first hand.

But why the focus on soft mobility and climate-friendly travel? And how does this alpine village, at an altitude of 900 meters with breath-taking mountain scenery, succeed in rallying stakeholders together to pursue this shared vision? We caught up with Dr Peter Brandauer, mayor of Werfenweng for almost 30 years and a staunch believer in innovation and responsible tourism.

We also (earlier) met with Karmen Mentil, who has been consulting Werfenweng on its way towards soft mobility. In the interview, she tells us about the initiative Alpine Pearls, a network of small destinations across the European Alps – Werfenweng was among the first to join – dedicated to climate-friendly mobility and responsible tourism, one step at a time.

More about the SAMO strategy and Werfenweng as destination here.

Peter Brandauer

Dr Peter Brandauer, mayor of the small alpine village of Werfenweng in Austria, in this interview shares his experience of developing a “soft mobility” concept for the popular destination near Salzburg.

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Karmen Mentil, Alpine PearlsKarmen Mentil

Karmen Mentil, Director of Alpine Pearls, network of destinations in the European Alps dedicated to “soft” mobility and responsible tourism, shares her experience of developing, managing and marketing sustainable tourist destinations. She also reflects on current tourism sustainability challenges, benefits and trends.

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